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Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy St Georges Day!

Today I've been out and about doing Pearly Queen shows to mark St Georges day and you are not going to belive this but one lady asked me if I was a real Cockney? For those of you who have heard me speak you will know just how funny that is. I once got accused and I quote of "Being posher than the Queen"! Ha ha I know I put the Cockney voice on when I'm singing the Billy Cotton, Eliza Doolittle and Me and My Girl stuff but I'm not that good really Ha ha!
Two shows down today and my first one was in Marlow this morning followed by a BBQ. Yes only in England would you have a BBQ in the rain. That's what I so love about being English we are not put off by the weather- if we say we are having a BBQ we are having a BBQ and jolly good it was too. Perhaps I ought to add chef was out in the rain cooking away while the rest of us were in doors eating Yummy! I'm not long back from my second show in Great Missenden and now I can look forward to a quite evening doing a bit of repair work on my dress. When ever I wear my Pearly Queen costume I always loose a few of my Pearly bits so I'm looking forward to a sit down and a sewing evening. Oh that reminds me I have a few things to iron too. Better dash Toodle Pip!

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