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Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Here we Come!

In My Easter Bonnet!
 Well today I was performing in Aylesbury and was the first of my Easter Bonnet shows - only can you belive it! Just as I was getting ready one of the button bits fell off my suspender belt - Oh bother! Lucky I had another belt. I remember hearing somewhere woman would use a sixpence in days gone bye - Mine will be be heading for the bin!
It was lovely to wear my blue Ginham dress again it's one of my designs and I took my insperation from the Wizard of Oz. I made the hat myself only I can't quite make up my mine if the hat is on the right side of naff. When I walk it has the habbit of flapping up and down a bit - still the old ladies like it and these are Easter Bonnet shows! Mind you I did stop traffic when I nipped to the bank afterwards.
My show went really well - there is some great music in this show and needless to say I did my Judy Garland Medley. My poor old speaker boxes are on their last legs so we will have to get out the gaffer type and do a quick repair job. My mike stand is looking a bit worst for wear too. One of it's knobs fell off and it leans stightly to the right. I bought a new one but somehow I hate to get rid of it as we have been through a lot together. I bought it in Moffat while I was on a Scotish Theatre tour back in the early naughties. Sadly nothing lasts forever do Keep Watching!

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