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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Just a Quick Post!

I just wanted to post a very quick blog. In truth I've not felt very well today a little bit under the weather so I want to get to bed early as I'm due to be in London tomorrow for 12 noon. Today I had my regular check up at the hospitail for retonopaphy. It's one of those things you have to go through every year when you are a Diabetic. They put drops in your eyes and then photograph them. The drops sting and I hate it and I become like a vampire afterwards avoiding sun light at all costs. I was lucky that my friend Joe was able to take me today as I can't drive for at least 4 hours afterwards, but today I went straight to bed and I didn't get up until 4pm. I had hoped that Tigger would have settled down with me but he is just so full of beans. All he wanted to do was play. Today we have had footballing Tigger, Athletic Tigger and Tazan Tigger. The curtains will never be the same again!
Yesterday I had a Hooray for Hollywood show which went really well and that evening I went out for Dinner with my friend Mike. I booked a table for us in Woburn and I treated him as it was his birthday and he treated me for my Birthday as by way of a belated birthday gift. What was rather lovely - he picked me up and took me in his Rolls Royce. Mind you it's quite a big step up to get into one!
Well bed now I think as my eyes really hurt and I must get some rest. I have heeps of contracts to do as lots of work has come in for next year and quite a few last minute ones for November too.
Thanks for following and Toodle Pip for Now!

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