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Monday, 15 October 2012

Catch Up Week

Today I have been working out in the gym building up an appertite as I went out for lunch with my friend Joe as by way of a belated birthday treat. In fact this month I have a fair amount of catching up to do with friends one way and another, so lots of meals out and lots of work outs as I never like to dine out with-out first having done a workout. All this exersising is really starting to pay off as I'm gettting the shape I've always wanted - but then you only get out what you put in and the body doesn't lie. You can't fake a figure and when you look at peoples bodies you can tell everything about their life styles.
It's very intresting - I can remember one chap telling me he use to play alot of sport when he was younger but when I saw him in his shorts and how small his carf muscules were I new he was lieing. His muscule tone was all wrong - infact now I come to think about it there wasn't any! One thing I've learn't about men is that they seem to spend more time telling lies than the truth. Ladies be warned - let your eye be the judge, keep your wits about you and always use your commen sense!
I only have one show this week but 3 dinner dates and inbetween I want to catch up on my paper work. Oh that reminds me I must get started on my acounts as I like to keep thing very up to date but at least I've been able to do most of my Chritmas Shopping.
We'll that's about it from me today I shall do alittle work on pintrest tonight I think. Thanks for dropping in and do Keep Watching Bye for Now!

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