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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

1st of May

Just a quick blog today it's the 1st of May and I've been dashing about getting everything ready for the start of the season. I was down in the recording studio today putting a couple of songs into prodution ready for the Evette the Spivette launch on the 19th. I can't belive it's the 1st today and I've so much to do. This month is going to wiz by with the run up to the Diamond Jubilee and then I'm straight out to France for D-Day.
I also picked up my new flight case today for my power amp and very smart it looks too I must say!
Towmorrow I'm in the printers as I'm in need of some new CD inserts so it's all happening and dash dash dash!
Toodle Pip for Now! ;->

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