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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Going Technical!

Today I've been out and about looking at power amps  and I still have one to have a look at on ebay thanks to my dear friend Glynn. To be honest it's all so technical - bring back the old days when all I had to do was turn up with my sheet music, a dress in a suit carrier and sing! Speaking of which I'm looking forward to rehursing my Evette show and French songs again tonight. I had a really good 3 hour rehursal last night and I'm pleased to say much of my French has started to return. I'm also learning a new Piaf number Mon Dieu in prep for my return to France for June. I'm really starting to enjoy the languge as I get my tonge around those French words. I hope next year to have a stab at Padam Padam but boy are there alot of words! Many of you know I learn panetics which is really hard work but when you get it right it's so rewarding. It takes hours and hours of work but I get there in the end. Right I had better start rehursing! Keep Watching and do drop in again! ;->

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