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Friday, 23 March 2012

What a Day!

Fiona with a Spring in her Step!
Oh what a day - there I was in Shefford all ready to spring to life with my We'll Meet Again show and sure enough just when you think it's safe to use modern tecknolagee it goes down! What a pain! It's the second time it's happend in as many shows - all the arrow keys and carmarnd buttons stop working!
Since I up dated from mini disk to Net Book and I Pad it's been one night mere after another! Thank goodness I always carry back-up so back onto mini disk I went! There are times in a girls life when you feel the urge to use words which one really shouldn't! Ahhhhhhhhh! (This is where I  leave it to you think about what you think I might have said but didn't! )
Sometimes I feel so out of cink with the modern world!
Please please please Dr Who take me back to 1936 or even 1940 I think I would be so much more suited there!

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