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Sunday, 8 April 2012

I've Done it at Last!

 It's been one of thoses days today where I've been able to sort out my Net Book - Harar! and yes I did it all on my own so I feel ever-so empowed and all powerful. The machines aren't taking me over ofter all at last I've won a battle or be it a very little one!
I've also dye a pair of silk shoes today. It's been ages since I last dyed a pair of shoes infact it was this pair pictured which went with my 60s dress. These ones are to go with my new Edwardian costume and at one point it was a bit touch and go navy almost went purple but we got there in the end. I hate to admit it but I don't know as much as I would like about the break down of colour. Perhaps if I had studied fine art I would understand more. I come from a design background and for quickness I would use felt tips and coloured pencils - never really did much paint mixing. My lack of knolage caught up with me today!
Sadly I never got to go out for my pick nick as hoped but I did enjoy my run this morning and the light rain on my face. Tonight I shall be playing around with some script idears for Evette in the middle of songs. I know it sound crazy but all will come right. Like all artists I have my vision and I know what to do to make the show work. Do keep watching and toodle pip for now!

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